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Fast absorbing liquid Calcium Magnesium & Zinc in a formula that tastes great! From Tri-Calcium-Phosphate, this formula delivers three forms of calcium for increased absorption. Healthcare professionals report uses for ADD, ADHD, Restless Leg Syndrome, Osteoporosis and Insomnia.

Minerals are needed daily to maintain cellular balance, form bone and blood cells, regulate muscle tone and activity. It is important to supplement minerals with supportive vitamins and nutrients for higher absorption.

Calcium is responsible for life sustaining nerve impulses and muscle contractions including the heart and kidneys. Supplementing with good source calcium has been proven to reduce high blood pressure and even protect against colon cancer. With calcium from Tri-Calcium-Phosphate, this formula delivers three forms of calcium for increased absorption. Most calcium is contained in our bones, and yet to protect our bodies from having to ?borrow? necessary calcium it is important that we supplement with a high absorption formula. Therapeutically used for conditions such as: osteoporosis, anti-aging, rheumatism, bone pain and reducing blood pressure.

Magnesium acts as a balancing companion to calcium. Calcium causes muscle contraction, and magnesium allows muscle to relax. It is important to sustain a proper balance of calcium and magnesium for improved absorption. Magnesium supplements can improve energy production within the heart. It has been known to inhibit the formation of blood clots and improve heart rate. Therapeutically used for conditions such as: reducing high blood pressure, heart attack, high cholesterol, chronic fatigue, as well as tooth decay.

Vitamin D:
Vitamin D plays an important role in stimulating intestinal absorption of calcium. The body?s use of Vitamin D is enhanced in the presence of magnesium. It is essential for strong bones and teeth. Vitamin D may have many cancer fighting properties especially against breast and colon cancers. It can also provide normal blood clotting for the heart and nervous system maintenance. Therapeutically used for conditions such as: arthritis, osteoporosis, maintaining bone strength and density.

Sufficient levels of zinc are very important for the body?s immunity and strength. Zinc is a part of every cell in the body and forms part of over 200 enzyme pathways. Studies have shown a diet low in zinc may be associated with higher incidence of heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes and overall immune system weakness. Symptoms that appear to be linked with low dietary zinc include mental disturbances, diarrhea, slowed wound healing and recurrent infections. Zinc is essential for the optimal activity of numerous hormones in the body including growth hormone, testosterone, estrogen, progesterone and insulin.

CalMagZinc Label Information:
Calcium, Magnesium and Zinc is a dietary supplement with ConcenTrace*. This complimentary blend of premium Calcium, Magnesium and Zinc helps ensure the highest assimilation and balance of these minerals in the body. Vitamin D is included to create a formula that provides complete nutrition to sustain bone, muscle and connective tissue health.

Suggested Use:
1-2 tablespoons daily (one capful = 2 tablespoons) to fully compliment your diet. This is a highly concentrated product and we recommend starting with 1 tablespoon. Increase as needed spread throughout the day. Recommend mixing with a glass of liquid for the best isotonic balance. Excess magnesium may cause a natural laxative effect. Shake well prior to use and refrigerate after opening.

*ConcenTrace is a trade name for concentrated sea minerals from The Great Salt Lake.

*This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease.

Purified water, Natural Vegetable Glycerin, Calcium, Magnesium, Phosphorus, Zinc, Vitamin D3, Natural Pina Colada Flavor, Ionic Trace Minerals, Citric Acid, Xanthan Gum, Carageanan Gum, Sodium Benzoate for freshness. Plus naturally occurring varying trace minerals from The Great Salt Lake.