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Smart Silver (10 ppm) | 32 oz | DesBio

INDICATIONS: Abscesses, aches and pains: flu related, acne, anthrax, asthma, bacteria, bladder inflammation, boils, bronchial constriction, bronchial cough and bronchitis, burns, carbuncles, catarrh, congestion, cough, cystitis, dermatitis, ear, flu

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Smart Silver is an engineered nanoparticle, not a colloidal silver. It is manufactured using 10,000 volts of current, energizing the entire waterbase, enabling Smart Silver to work as a catalyst to kill bacteria as it draws energy from its environment and emits energy at wavelengths that are measured at 890 to 910 terahertz. This is the same frequency at which germicidal ultraviolet light resonates and is deadly to bacteria. Therefore, Smart Silver, due to the patented revolutionary process of its manufacture, does not deal with bacteria on merely a chemical level, as do colloidal silvers, but also works on a measurable energetic level. Liquid is is 10 ppm and gel is 24 ppm.

Ionic particles steal up to two electrons from pathogens, rupturing cell walls

Resonates at same frequency as germicidal ultraviolet light

Electromagnetic charge disrupts viral DNA to prevent replication

Greater bioavailability and advanced engineering - up to 1000X more effective than traditional colloidal silver

NO side effects or contraindications

Perfect companion for many other DesBio products

Purified Silver (50 mcg)

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